Ethical Hacking

Yes! Prevention is better than cure. This is not the James Bond 007 film like “License to Kill”. This is “License to Hack”. But the theme is same. Where in the Bond film the James Bond the hero fight against the villain. Here the Computer Experts as “Ethical Hackers” fight against the Computer-savvy criminal’s malicious attack. We have to protect our Network, confidential information, bank accounts, and even an identity. We are in the time to fight against these malicious hackers who breach the most secure bank accounts, corporate information or even government website to mischief, damage or even sabotage.


Many companies are nowadays employing these experts as “Ethical Hackers” to actually test by attacking their own Computer Networks. They attempts to detect potential weak systems or servers to intrude or crash their own security systems and suggest changes to increase the safety. These steps are made effective in such technical methods and procedures to test the effectiveness and quality of their own network systems and prevent the attack of intrusions before they happen.


Here we are using the term “ Ethical hackers” as a legal profession for Computer Networks Experts to keep the bad things out. These experts use the same tactics and techniques to violate the security protocols as their vigorous counterparts, but in an ethical manner.


These ethical hackers test the systems in the company for a secured network quantitatively and evaluating weakness, flaws and threats.


Career Wise Now this kind of jobs leads to make a team of these experts in a company as a bright career option to do the intrusion testing or penetration testing as “Ethical  Hackers”. There is a world wide demand for information security professionals up to 60,000 and many of the multi national companies such as IBM, Infosys, Wipro, Reliance and Airtel looking for good ethical hackers as reported by a survey made by the International Data Corp.


Scope  As the free lancers are not preferred by the reputed companies in India, you can work as the full time company employee in the post of Information Security Specialist / Consultant. These kind of jobs opens the door for the professionals as an entry level job positions like Network Security Administrator, Network Defense Analyst, Web Security Administrator, Application Security Tester, Penetration Tester / Ethical Hacker, Security Auditor, Otherwise you can choose for Secured Programmer, Cryptographer, or Forensic Professional.


The job responsibilities include Authorised Security Hacking to LAN Assessment, Application Testing, Security Tools Installation and Security Surveillance. There is an immense scope for a career growth and progression up the ladder up to the level of Chief Information Security Officer


Remuneration  In India the scale of pay starts from Rs. 4-6 laks per annum and it can even rise up to Rs.40 Lakhs. Top companies like IBM, Infosys, Wipro, Dell, Cap Gemini, Google etc with employment opportunities primarily in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune.


There is a belief that the information security professionals  are have a chance to earn 20-30% higher than for most other professionals who are in the same positions in IT field.


 Skills The field is clearly open to Computer Science graduates, skilled computer experts or even to the talent of malicious hackers for a good reason. A high college level background, excellent computer programming talent and good networking skill in IT is required.


 Qualification A degree in Computer Science with good programming and network skills with a training certificate in a reputed training center. You are suggested to update your knowledge through workshops, Seminars, and Trade Shows which gives you the latest tools, techniques and technologies. The training period can vary from a fast track of week time course up to 3 months course of fee starts from Rs. 10, 000 onwards.

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7. Career guidance in this technology field like, companies having the job openings, companies of high payable jobs and career improvement.