Gurusoft Technologies


Our Services

Developing the Websites and its related services are the main directions of our company.  Our goal is to help our clients to make money and always return on investments through our services. There are many exact replica watches complex solutions such as Interface Design, Usability, Programming and much more in developing a website and these are handled very easily by our technical team.

Web Design:-

Developing a website includes the components such as

  • Designing web templates
  • Logo Creation (optional)
  • Developing Graphics Elements
  • Coding of HTML Contents
  • Macromedia Flash Animation Development (Optional)


Flash Presentations ( A Software Product )

Flash presentation is widely used to make understandable complex business concepts to the clients for their business people. This is having an excellent impact on the Internet users while browsing their requirements in world wide web.


Interaction and Information are the two most advantage of this Flash Presentation, which can be easily incorporated into the Design and Development of Flash Presentation. For viewing these presentations, no need for installing anymore Softwares except Flash player on users PC.


Web Programming:-

Apart from the static design of web content, there is another one category of Dynamic Programming is available in our services. The online automation of the business process can be easily implemented for their customers in order to minimize the overall activities easy one. This is the E-Commerce project for any clients who need to convert their local one to global business.

Depending on the complexity of the process, the Design and Development of an E-Commerce project is only to take 60 to 90 days. No matter the location of our client to interact and deliver our work since we handle them through online Internationally.


Software Development:-

Our company has many certified IT specialists who have vast experience in  Design  Development, Coding, Testing and Maintenance of Software package for the clients who need our services worldwide.


Our teams of certified IT specialists have extensive experience of designing, coding, testing and follow-up technical support for software products.