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Today, in our country many educational institutions are trying to prove their worth by setting up best practices in order to bring the quality outcome through quality education for their students. They have been making substantial investments into Information Technologies to meet their goals. To improve the effectiveness of training, the students requires a lot of research by the educational institutions infrastructure.


This TechSpace publishes the mixed methods of Pedagogical and Andragogical models where we have the responsibility for grooming the students about What will be they learned, how it will be learned, where it will be learned. Here the students are not expected to be spoon-fed at all levels. The students like you should motivate yourselves the self-confidence and self-actualization.


You have different interests and capabilities. For your interests and the thirst for acquiring the knowledge, we try to create a Knowledgebase  of contemporary technological concepts. As a Knowledgebase approach we are developing a repository model approach focusing on document management and reuse of explicit forms of knowledge. We are in the development of communities of practice approach, by focusing on transfer of knowledge by experts within affinity groups.


Many educational institutions have invested in technology in order to generate the outcome of effective technical worth students. Yet they are facing unreasonable difficulties to reach the goal effectively. In order to solve the problem of correlation between the students and the institutions, we concluded to publish the Contemporary Technology Knowledgebase for the sake of students community.


This TechSpace invites the students community to watch out the regular inclusion of technology related articles, and its overall theoretical & practical implementation to the mankind.


Every technology topic comprises of its overview, what is the need, how it works or its use, how it will be implemented or made into a project, its applications, sample computer programs under various programming languages such as C, C++, C#, PHP, many website   links for further reference and many more .


This will be very useful for your academic projects, able to know the in depth knowledge and its implementation of that particular technology. This will be a great guidance to your career path.


Each technology topic is organized as a package which contains the documents of What the technology is? and How it works?, E-Books, its applications, Projects and its sample source codes, huge list of website resources, list of free softwares, and career guidance . It can be obtained by sending a mail to  . You should have to send a Demand Draft for Rs. 500   drawn in favour of “Gurusoft Technologies, Chrompet, Chennai”, payable at Chennai by courier. On realization of payment we will send the package CD to your address or sending email to your email-id.